My Inspiration for programme on International Cinema in Education (ICE)

Hi Everyone!

I am Nimisha. This is my first ever blog in which I would like to share with all of you on how I got the idea and started with the programme of International Cinema in Education and developed “”.

My inspiration for ICE are my mentors, friends and a movie. That movie was Taare Zameen Par. All of us have seen Taare Zameen Par and understand that some children learn differently like Ishaan. But actually, each person learns differently, some learn visually, some use auditory methods etc. Any profession, vocation or thing done with a keen interest can teach us a lot. It can be a mode for us to learn about various things.

I love watching movies and listening to songs, and I can watch the same movies 3- 4 times. However there is always one thing in common when I watch movies and that is the fact that I learn about something new every time. Each movie has a message to give. Movies depict a collective thought process of society, a particular life story or the general things that happen in a person’s life and in the society around. All this makes it a good source of learning.

So, let us come back to Taare Zameen Par. Just how Ishaan actually learnt, understood and expressed his learning through drawing and painting, I learnt a lot about myself and the society around me through movies. I realised that how I saw a movie and learnt from the characters and how I tried copying characters of the movie as role models and how I was able to connect few characters of different movies to different aspects of myself and my life. It was fascinating.

In Taare Zameen Par, I related a lot to Ishaan’s character. When I was young, I always came across as socially awkward and did not have many friends. This challenge however helped me a lot in other ways. Watching Taare Zameen Par helped me understand that I too can be good at something unconventional. I too can learn and work on my social behaviour and awkwardness. Hence with my mentor’s guidance, I converted my love for movies, my learning from them and the concepts of Vedic Omniology into this course on International Cinema in Education, where I aim to teach other children interested in movies and cartoons.

Finally I developed, where we can watch Bollywood and Hollywood and also learn a lot from them in a fun and interesting way.