About Me

Who am ‘I’?

Hi, I am Nimisha Goyal, I am an Omnio Learner. I am learning in ‘Sowparnika Gurukulam’. I am also an educator at Temple of Learning (TOL) and Temple of Excellence (TOE).  I have completed my Secondary(10th) and I am now preparing for my Senior Secondary(12th) through National Institute of Open Schooling. I have developed this program International Cinema in Education which aims to teach children through movies and other visual media. I have learnt audio engineering and I edit audios.

Me as a learner in Sowparnika Gurukulam

Mehul, Raiva, Skanda, Sohali and me are the five students of Sowparnika Gurukulam. We are the best of friends. We learn, play and grow together. We learn from our Guru’s (mentors) as well as from each other. At Sowparnika Gurukulam, we follow the Omnio Learning Curriculum which is founded on the concept of Vedic Omniology and aims to make each child a self-learner. We have various modes which we use to learn which include through movies, games, stories, trips, projects, marketing, presentation, different arts, so in the process we also understand the basics of these modes and what comes in while preparing for each of them. My learning at Sowparnika Gurukulam has made me a confident person, it has helped me overcome my difficulties in social behaviour and it has also helped me understand what learning truly is. It has helped me understand who I am, what I am here for, who am I here with and how to transact in the society. Each of us are learning with different modes and are also using them as educators. We have developed courses for other children too.

Omnio Learning Curriculum- The Curriculum I learn and educate through

Like all education is based on a curriculum, we (G5) learn and educate on the basis of the Omnio Learning Curriculum. Omnio Learning Curriculum is a curriculum which makes a child a self-learner. It educates a child from 3 months before conception till adulthood. It is divided into 4 stages 0 to 6 (First Steps), 6 to 11 (Foundation), 11 to 15 (Formation), 15 to 18 (Finishing). It has 3 sections of activities Life, Love, Live. Life delivers content which help us learn about ourselves and our life. Love contains the various practices which help us develop our learning potential and Live helps us understand the concepts of and interact with the world around us. This learning helps us develop ourselves in all fields. As the future jobs are unpredictable, it prepares us to be capable enough to adapt ourselves and grow and evolve even in the future society.

Me as an educator at TOL and TOE

Being an educator helps me in aiding and enhancing my knowledge and sharing it with people around me. I, as an educator educate at TOE and TOL which stand for Temple of Excellence and Temple of Learning respectively. Both TOE and TOL follow the Omnio Learning Curriculum. TOL is an Online Gurukulam for home schooling children and alt ed learners above 6 years and it covers the foundation, formation and finishing stage. At TOL there will be classes for 3 to 5 hours for the content part, and then the child will be given some practices and activities to do at home for some time during the day. At TOE children from 2 to 18 years of age are educated, it is a physical centre for children which runs from 9:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening. Children have various activities based on the curriculum and what they should learn. In TOL and TOE apart from the everyday classes, All the five of us (Sowparnika Gurukulam students) have prepared other courses for children too, they include:

 International Cinema in Education (Omniowood) is the course which I run

Education through 64 Arts (Decode 64) is a course run by Raiva

Education through stories (Soham Katha) is a course run by Sohali

Education through maths and modern sciences (Omnio Math and Omnio Science- Omnio Logos) is a course run by Mehul

 Education through games- (Omnio Craft) is a course run by Skanda