Audio Engineering

An audio engineer is also known as a sound engineer or a recording engineer. He or she manages or adjusts or balances the various sound sources to produce an efficient recording or live performance. They work on the technical aspects of sound like the placement of microphones and the knobs and button settings of the mixer. Aspects like frequency, tempo, amplitude is worked upon by them. Audio engineers work for films, radio, television, music, video games etc. They are responsible for all the sound check before any performance or recording. Some audio engineers also design and build audios, they also build musical technology.

There are different types of audio engineers:

  • Studio Engineer- One who works in a studio to produce a studio recording
  • Recording Engineer- Works on sounds from TV or radio, adds sound effects and works on tempo. He or she makes sound to please the person listening to it.
  • Mixing Engineer- He is responsible for mixing 2 or more audio tracks

There are others who include live sound engineers, system engineers, audio post engineers, fold back engineers etc.

Audios are very important aspects of movies. Specially when it comes to animated movies, the whole movie‚Äôs audio track is made separately. There are voice actors who work to give the sound to each particular character of an animated movie. In non -animated movies also the sound of fire, water, footsteps of people are sometimes produced by sound engineers. Sound engineers are  very important people when a song is being recorded and produced.