Shivoham Everyone,

I welcome you all to ICE- International Cinema in Education. You might get a thought- Cinema in Education! Is it even possible? But it is actually possible. In fact, children learn a lot through cartoons and movies which is why they are so attracted to it. Movies and cartoons showcase aspects of society and how our society is. It also has aspects of fantasy and imagination which showcase how we would like our society to be, which means movies and cartoons help us understand how our society is and how we would like it to be. Movies and cartoons also help us learn a lot about ourselves. For example, we associate ourselves, or think and feel that a particular attribute or characteristic of a character is like us or we see a particular character and want to be like them. So, it is a continuous learning process about relationships, society, family, values, how we live and how we want to live. We notice children copy characters of cartoons or movies and try and bring it in their behaviour. It influences people’s behaviour. It helps us learn psychology, behaviour etc.

So basically, ICE (International Cinema in Education) is a program for children which educates children through movies and other visual media. It includes both abstract and concrete concepts. It aims to educate children about themselves and the world around in a simple and fun way. Movies mainly are one amongst the best way to enhance and develop creativity. This program is for children from 6 to 11 years and will be held online through TOL (Temple of Learning) and at TOE (Temple of Excellence.)